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Outdoor dining set: New for 2024

The mild winter we experienced is an invitation to consider our outdoor dining sets a season in advance! And every year, the furnishing and layout of our gardens are a limitless source of inspiration for designers. Natural, modern, practical, refined or elaborate: the designs are designed to be pleasant, affordable and to maintain their beauty season after season. And like every year, JML prepares itself as best as possible to capture the influences, and offer them to you in harmonious and lasting arrangements.

Materials, colors and styles: to find out everything about the new outdoor dining sets for 2024 at JML, read the following!

Outdoor dining sets: the year of teak, but not only that!

In recent years, teak has experienced an unprecedented resurgence in popularity. It must be said that with its many qualities, it can satisfy many of your requirements.

Increasingly aware of your environmental impact on your decoration choices, you certainly want to favor sustainable and ecological materials. And FSC certified teak fits perfectly into this trend. What’s more, outdoor furniture made from exotic wood such as teak is resistant to bad weather, mold, parasites, it is made to age outdoors, and can even improve its appearance when aging!

Photo below: Discover the pure charm of teak whose raw and imposing style will add a rich and balanced ambiance that will stand out magnificently, rain or shine! We fell in love with the deep, golden-brown lines of the Sorrento model, which will take on a beautiful silver color over time.ensemble à dîner extérieur en teck Sorrento

Another very appreciated quality of teak: its natural finish of course! A naturalness that we find in its colors, but also in the designs it inspires. Sober, straight, well-defined and unadorned lines: don’t see this as an austere style, but rather a refined look that will allow you to more easily adapt your changes of decor and colors. Cushions, tablecloths and even floral arrangements: you will have a perfect base to give free rein to your desires!

Photo below: The lines of our Savannah collection are ideal for highlighting your decor – flowers, stones, tiles – thanks to their versatile and original style. With their timeless refinement, they can enhance all your finds.ensemble à dîner extérieur en teck Savannah

Durable materials for a dinner set you will enjoy for a long time!

In terms of sustainability, bamboo, rattan and even aluminum also do well. The latter still retains an enviable place in our top materials. In addition to being aesthetic and resistant to bad weather, it can be arranged with wood, teak or imitation wood tops, which join the natural inspiration which remains dominant in the atmosphere that we wish to give to our set. dinner, while giving it a discreet industrial side.

Photo below: To highlight a color or a natural material, nothing beats aluminum, as shown in this collection which combines it with wood. What emerges is a chic and accessible strength that will be perfect for your daily meals and your more significant events.ensemble à dîner extérieur en teck La Jolla

ensemble à dîner extérieur imitation bois

Photo above: With such quality, no one would suspect that this dinner set is made from polymer! Alloys bring out the rich nuances reminiscent of wood and provide a graceful architecture that exudes solidity and elegance. Dare to combine chairs/bench! You will be sure to stand out through your originality and your ability to create friendly, authentic and inviting atmospheres!

Polymer outdoor dining sets

Color, versatility and plurality of arrangements? This is how one could describe the polymer patio sets which provide an additional alternative to your design options. Still extremely weather resistant, easy to maintain and lightweight, they offer great flexibility in design and finish, and can be molded into a variety of shapes and styles… even imitating the look of wood!

The latest material to win favor with JML this year: MGP for Marine Grade Polymer. Specially designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments, including prolonged exposure to sun, humidity and salt, it too is offered in a variety of colors, finishes and styles. The good news for you? It allows designers to create attractive and functional garden furniture, which will meet a range of aesthetic preferences and practical needs!

Now that we have talked about material and design trends, there is no doubt that you want to know what JML has in store for you in colors and practical elements for the coming summer!

Natural and contrasting: a delicate palette

table extérieure en polymère avec motif troué

Original and pleasant for everyday use, the MGP becomes synonymous with discreet eccentricity with its large spaces adding character to a smooth surface, which remains easy to use at all times.

As you might expect, the richness of the materials presented will combine much better with neutral shades, such as beige, taupe, light gray and white; or even natural, such as terracotta, rust brown, olive green and navy blue which also remain safe values for any type of arrangement.

You can also try out these marked and harmonious contrasts, which will give your dinner set a Wow touch! without excess.

Photo below: To add a delicate and refreshing atmosphere to your outdoor space, opt for navy blue, very suitable for creating a joyful and summery atmosphere before its time!
ensemble à dîner extérieur en polymère avec motif troué

2024 trends for outdoor furniture: what stands out

ensemble à dîner extérieur taupe

The taupe color of this dining set brings just the right amount of relief to a refined style, and allows it to fit elegantly into the already furnished exterior. The perfect balance between softness and warmth.

Thus, the 2024 trends in outdoor dining sets will feature refined and contemporary designs integrating components from nature for an outdoor experience that is both aesthetic… and functional! Because let’s not forget the latest trend – and not the least : the modularity of your elements! Without going overboard, we will be able to offer you sets of great flexibility. At stake? Easy configuration and, above all, reconfiguration of your space according to your needs. Think extandable outdoor tables, stacking chairs and benches, and you’ll indeed be right on trend!

This year again, JML is a leader in 2024 trends! So, if you need advice, good intuitions or a touch of fantasy, trust his reputation, his collection and his expert eye in outdoor furniture!

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