Retractable awnings

Awnings and sun shelters

Want to go from sun to shade, in no time flat?

Retractable awnings are an excellent way to maximize the outdoor patio space you can use, regardless of weather conditions. Retractable awnings have become extremely popular in Quebec. Owners love the flexibility of adding useable space to their properties: residential tenants and owners, condos, apartments, restaurants, shops and businesses, of all kinds.

Available in a motorized version with a remote control, wind detectors, adjustable slope, and protective covers for winter, our awnings offer flexibility and style. To make things easier, installation is made by experts, and the life span of a retractable awning is over 15 years.

You’ll be surprised by everything your retractable awning can do!

Aristocrat, our Canadian manufacturer, has honed its expertise over 35 years, and offers awnings of all sizes, like for example an impressive 7’ x 23’ model that projects 13’2” from the wall. The patented Marcesa line is the only awning on the market, with a transversal bar, offering extra support at the center, and thus minimizing undulation, and beating of the fabric on windy days. You can also choose between Sattler, Sunbrella and Dickson acrylic fabrics.

A retractable awning remains an excellent way to protect guests from sun, heat, light rain and UV rays. It allows you to create a refreshing, soothing space for all.

Our other supplier is Stobag, the Canadian affiliate of a European giant. Stobag takes things further by offering a range of unique awnings that can extend to 23”.

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