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Wrought iron patio furniture: a timeless classic

Wrought iron patio furniture can give your outdoor spaces a classic or rustic look—even the appearance of an English garden!

We offer a whole range of premium wrought iron patio furniture with designs that are warm, refined, elegant, and romantic.

The material has the ability to stand the test of time, and harmonize with any style. Wrought iron tables, and chairs are ideal for both residential and commercial outdoor spaces. Also, it’s various elements can be used to enhance a pond or other water features. Wrought iron makes a great addition to pool side furnishing.

Wrought iron patio furniture offered at JML

Our main manufacturer, Woodard, offers collections of classic wrought iron patio furniture, including wrought iron chairs, dining tables, salon-style sets, bistro sets, lounge chairs and tables some of which even feature ceramic or faux stone inlays.

This company have developed a special process called “E-coating” which consists of depositing plasticized resin on the surface of the wrought iron before painting it. This process minimizes the risk of the structure rusting, even if the paint is scratched or damaged.

Our collections are available in several different finishes. Although wrought iron chairs are quite comfortable without cushions, we offer cushions in many different fabrics to suit your design, and for convenience.

Our cushions are either made in Canada or the United States using fabrics that are resistant to UV radiation and stains. They are filled with foam that is specially designed for outdoor use.

The advantages of wrought iron patio furniture are numerous:

  • Because wrought iron is solid and heavy, this furniture is ideal for use in windy environments.
  • It’s strong and durable enough to resist impacts, insects, UV radiation, weather variations and extreme weather, as well as fading, staining and collapsing.
  • If well-maintained, it can last for several decades. What’s more, the manufacturing process includes rustproofing. However, if any rust does appear, just use a wire brush to thoroughly clean the area and then apply a layer of rustproof paint.
  • It’s easy to maintain; just wash your furniture regularly with mild soap and water.

To prolong the life of your furniture, apply liquid wax designed for use on wrought iron three or four times during the season. We also recommend that it be stored indoors during the winter.

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