Outdoor furniture

Swings on wheels or suspended porch swings

We have three collections of swings on wheels, thanks to our supplier Veranda Jardins.

  • Kaza collection guaranteed 10 years;
  • St-Laurent 2 years;
  • Verano 1 year.

Each collection includes several models that are available in different frame finishes and fabrics. They’re perfect for commercial use, in retirement homes, for example.

We also represent «The Hammocks Source», an established American manufacturer with 100 years in the business. Together, we offer a complete selection of polyester, cotton, acrylic, or quilted swings, as well as single or double hammocks. There are many models and colors to choose from.

The company also sells galvanized steel swing stands in different colors, cypress wood versions, and even exterior rugs and other interesting items for the outdoors.

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