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table extérieure extensible enbois Richmond

What could be better than the majestic appearance of this table and chair set, delicately enhanced with the addition of decorative cushions? The minimalist design of the table highlights the beauty of the wood in its natural color, which blends perfectly with the surroundings.

Available options in extendable outdoor tables

Even though the fall season is upon us, there are still plenty of opportunities to enjoy beautiful sunny evenings in your backyard with friends and family. And what better way to enhance the style and practicality of your yard than with an extendable outdoor table? It’s the perfect solution, especially if you enjoy large gatherings. You can add leaves to the table on the big day and then, once your guests have departed, you can remove them to free up space on your patio or lawn.

Now, let’s talk about design: the models that are available on the market can satisfy the full gamut of personal tastes, whether you’re going for a simple, streamlined look, a more natural appearance or a bold combination.

To help you find your way around the world of extendable outdoor tables, we’re pleased to present this overview of the available options.

The unflagging popularity of wood

table extérieure extensible en bois

The dark grey material on the chairs brings out the warmth of the medium-tone wood. Meanwhile, the white trim around the edges offers a subtle but elegant contrast!

It’s virtually impossible not to be aware of the return to a more natural, minimalist style of décor, both inside and outside of the home.

It should come as no surprise, then, that wood plays a starring role when it comes to materials. People value wood for its weather-resistance, its sturdiness and its durability. If you want to ensure that your purchase is eco-responsible, you should never hesitate to inquire as to the origin of the wood and the methods used in the production of the table. After all, as long as you’re getting a piece of furniture that’s natural and durable, you might as well make sure that it was manufactured in an environmentally friendly way.

Although the trend toward minimalism is in full swing, there’s nothing stopping you from adding a few discreet touches of style to enliven your table without weighing it down or adulterating its charm.

Chair cushions and colorful seats immediately come to mind. In this regard, you’ll have a vast selection to choose from. Once again, contrast is the key, with simple colors providing relief while offering a timeless appearance. In this sense, grey is a perfect shade. Combined with wood, it adds refinement and versatility, no matter what basic shade you match it with.

table extérieure extensible Topaz

This oval outdoor table offers a touch of warmth, thanks to its rounded shape. It’s also very practical with a center leaf that’s easy to insert and remove.

In terms of shape, are you visualizing a round or oval table? While the classic rectangles and squares are practical and easy to store, the models with curves offer the undeniable advantage of originality and unexpectedness!

An extendable outdoor table made of high-quality wood will obviously be more expensive than certain other options. On the other hand, when you choose an outdoor furniture in exotic wood, such as teak or Ipe, you’re choosing a durable, weather-resistant furnishing that requires minimal upkeep. You should still take the time to inform yourself regarding cleaning and maintenance, as the shade of the wood could change over the years. However, maintenance on a wooden outdoor table often involves nothing more than cleaning it with soapy water. If the color changes, you can often use a suitable product to restore the table’s original appearance without altering its integrity.

New inspiration for your extendable outdoor table

Now that you understand the sure value of natural wood, there’s still nothing stopping you from making a bold move! What would you say to an all-white look? Upkeep might be more of a challenge, but bear in mind that the products designed for cleaning outdoor tables are easy to find and quick and simple to use.

With a white table and chair set, you’ll benefit from increased luminosity, which will be at its maximum when the weather is nice but still considerably bright on a cloudy day. However, you’ll need to find a way to add that “wow factor” that’s sure to impress your guests at first sight!

table extensible en résine grade marine

White and navy blue are, without a doubt, a winning combination in exterior design. The variegated fabric used on the seats and seat backs plays off the pristine shade of the table, offering beauty and refinement.

Are you tempted by the novelty of white but not quite ready to embrace it fully? A light shade of grey could be just the thing you’re looking for. It offers the advantage of a surprising result, while representing a reasonable compromise between the traditional look of natural wood and the boldness of pure white. Just like white, grey will add a touch of modern panache to your décor. In terms of base materials, you have an embarrassment of choices: wood, resin, aluminum, metal and more. Once again, strength and durability will be the deciding factors.

table extérieure extensible rustique

Here, grey is the dominant color. Its understated appearance blends in with the décor and is set off by the white legs, which add character to the graceful design.

table extérieure extensible en bois Richmond

A center leaf is a winning choice. Easy to position, it’s just as sturdy and attractive as the main structure.

To summarize, while natural wood is still in favor and responds perfectly to the harmony and minimalism that are currently in fashion, splashes of color in muted, delicate shades will help enhance your décor with a touch of vibrancy. When it comes to functionality, center leaves have always enjoyed success from an esthetic as well as a practical point of view. This is especially true since they often include a hole for an umbrella, which you can position in such a way as to protect the whole table.

What other parameters would you consider before making a final decision regarding your choice of extendable outdoor tables? Of course, there are the chairs, whether they’re folding or stationary and whether they include cushions or other accessories. Most importantly, you’ll need to consider the length of the table. Tables with room for 12 are among the easiest to find. Even with the leaves removed, they can comfortably seat six to eight guests.

While this little overview may have given you a few clues when it comes to finding an extendable outdoor table that will correspond to your tastes, your needs and your budget, it may have raised a few additional questions! If so, feel free to address them to JML Inc. They’ll be happy to answer them quickly, professionally and reliably. Once you contact them, you’ll quickly see why they have a reputation for providing attentive service. For more than 25 years, these specialists have succeeded in finding the most beautiful outdoor furnishings available. In terms of structure, color and layout, they’re simply unbeatable!