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Why choose a bar table and stools or counter-height chairs for outdoors?

With summer in full swing, you’ll certainly want to take advantage of the nice weather by spending a lot of time outdoors, whether lounging on your deck, having a backyard barbecue, lying in the sun next to the pool, hosting a pool party, enjoying a meal with your friends and family or any one of numerous other activities. However, to get the most out of your outdoor spaces, it’s important for you to have garden furniture that meets your needs and fits in with your style.

If you want to implement or change your exterior design, whether on your balcony, on your deck, in your back yard, on your patio, around your pool or on your lawn, you’ll need to find a table that suits your environment and your lifestyle.

Instead of standard outdoor furnishings, have you considered getting a bar table with stools or counter-height chairs?
You’d be opting for garden furniture that’s modern, practical and versatile!

The advantages of an outdoor bar table and stools or counter-height chairs

Using a higher table and chairs outdoors offers several advantages. Below are some of the most attractive qualities.

  • Modernity : this type of outdoor furniture is currently fashionable.
  • Ergonomics : sitting on a higher chair is easier on your back and your feet.
  • Practicality : if there’s railing around your deck, a higher table and chairs will help provide a better view of the surrounding outdoor space.
  • Conviviality : it’s a center point, a perfect place to gather with friends and family to partake of good food and drink and enjoy the nice weather.
  • Easy access : everything is at just the right height so you don’t have to bend over to put something down or pick something up from the table.
  • Flexibility you can eat and drink standing up, leaning against the table or siting on a barstool while you converse with your friends.
  • Style : you can give your outdoor spaces a little extra flair, whether you prefer a design that’s sleek, modern, vintage or even Scandinavian.
  • Variety : this garden furniture is available in numerous shapes (rectangular, square, round, etc.), materials (wood, cast iron, aluminum, wrought iron, etc.) and colors (natural, beige, black, white, grey, etc.).
  • Versatility : by placing a bar table and some stools or counter-height chairs in a strategic location on your deck or beside your pool, for example, with just a few accessories, you can create a snack area, a lounge area or a diversity of themes, including tropical and exotic.

Discover four great ideas for incorporating a bar table and stools in your outdoor space

1. Capri Hi Dining Table from Jensen’s Classic Ipe Collection
 Hi Dining Table | JML inc.
The pride of Jensen Outdoor, the Classic Ipe Collection truly embodies Jensen’s quest for a durable architecture-inspired heritage in order to add value to every facet of the furnishings they select, design and manufacture.

Specifically designed to reflect the unique qualities of its namesake, the Capri Hi Dining Table features a traditional cottage style masterfully applied to the deep chocolate-brown Ipe hardwood.

You can furnish this table with chairs or barstools from the same collection. A beautiful bar made of Ipe is also available.

2. Bistro table and chair from the Madison Collection by Ratana
 Bistro table and chair f | JML inc.
This premium aluminum outdoor furniture in a “country brown” finish is available in 26- and 31-inch heights.

The contemporary-style table and counter-height chairs are comfortable, solid, virtually maintenance-free, durable (highly resistant to rust) and able to withstand extreme weather, cold, humidity, insects and UV radiation.

3. Wainscott model rectangular bar table (WS59 59.5) from Kingsley-Bate

The Wainscott model represents the perfect combination of beauty and durability.

For more than 10 years, Kingsley-Bate has been perfecting the art of creating an appearance that’s indistinguishable from that of hardwood, while offering strong resistance to UV radiation and corrosion, even near the ocean. The result is a unique, perennially resilient product inspired by nature.

The Wainscott bar table features an attractive transitional design that harmonizes well with a wide variety of barstools and counter-height chairs, such as the ones from the St. Tropez Collection. Designed to provide exceptional comfort with no need for cushions, each chair is manufactured with a solid teak frame, rustproof aluminum sling rails, stainless steel hardware and a durable Phifertex® fabric seat available in five different colors.

The tabletop features rounded corners, while the legs and the assembly are exceptionally solid.

 rectangular bar table | Meubles Extérieurs | JML inc.  rectangular bar chair | Meubles Extérieurs | JML inc.

4. Bazza table and barstool from Telescope Casual
Create a unique look with contrasting seat and frame colors!
 table and barstool | JML inc.

The marine-grade polymer (MGP) Standard and Accent colors feature a horizontal-slit pattern, while the Rustic polymer colors feature a pattern of vertical slats on all components except the barstools, which are available in 3 colors and 2 seat heights (26 and 30 inches).

The solid, durable construction is all aluminum and MGP containing more than 30 percent recycled resin with a rustproof frame. MGP has zero porosity, which means that it’s easy to clean. Furthermore, it’s manufactured exclusively from FDA-approved resins.

This outdoor set won’t crack or rot and is suitable for use in any environment. What’s more, the polymer is comfortable to the touch in both warm weather and cold.

The garden furniture experts

You can count on the experts at JML for garden furniture that corresponds to your tastes, whether it’s made from aluminum, wrought iron, stainless steel, polymer resin, synthetic rattan, teak or Ipe.

Since 1990, JML has been one of the leading patio-furniture companies in Quebec. They specialize in high-quality outdoor furnishings and accessories. Consequently, they offer one of the largest selections of products on the market, manufactured by a number of renowned North American companies, including Telescope Casual, Kingsley-Bate and more.

For further information on bar tables, counter-height chairs and other outdoor furniture, don’t hesitate to contact the specialists at JML, who would be more than happy to advise you!