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Planning a garden furniture layout

Whether it serves as a relaxing refuge or a dining area for your guests, an outdoor lounge is a veritable extension of your home. But what criteria should you bear in mind when the time comes to plan your garden furniture arrangement?

To find the perfect garden furniture set, you must consider several different factors, including your lifestyle habits, your budget, your stylistic preferences and any possible space constraints. The following article will help you clarify your needs!

How will you use your outdoor lounge area?

In order to create a garden furniture arrangement that meets your needs, you first need to ask yourself the right questions. Why do you want an outdoor lounge area? Are you looking to create a relaxation zone where you can enjoy the calm of our mild summer evenings? Or, conversely, are you looking for a place where you can host a large gathering of friends and family, including uncles, aunts and cousins?

Determining how you intend to use your outdoor lounge area will help you clarify and achieve your objectives. Do you plan to prepare elaborate meals there or sip a glass of fine champagne? Perhaps you answered yes to both of these questions!

Whether your ambitions are modest or oversized, it’s possible to use your backyard to its fullest potential, regardless of whether your space is limited or not.

salon de jardin Cabana Coast

What’s the ideal location for your garden furniture arrangement?

Now that you’ve clarified how you intend to use your outdoor lounge area, it’s time to determine its placement. The area in which you’ll set up your garden furniture will depend on the exact nature of your back yard, including its size and layout.

If your intention is to serve meals in your outdoor lounge area, you’ll generally want to position it near your barbecue for greater convenience. What’s more, placing it at an angle or aligning it perpendicular to your home might enable your guests to circulate more freely. Patios and pergolas are obviously favored spots in which to create garden furniture arrangements. The same goes for stone walls and rows of hedges, both of which can delineate your outdoor lounge area quite nicely.

Large property or small urban space?

If you avail of a vast back yard, you can indulge your creativity to your heart’s content. However, even if the available area offers multiple possibilities, it’s still important to delimit a clear space in order to create an ambience that’s intimate, warm and welcoming. The fact is that worrying about your nosey neighbors’ prying eyes is anything but relaxing. This is especially true in small, restricted spaces, such as those found in the downtown area or in the suburbs, where the homes are practically on top of each other. This is why it’s very important to consider your privacy when creating your garden furniture arrangement.

How to ensure privacy in your outdoor lounge area

aménagement salon de jardin cour arrièreBelow, you’ll find examples of elements that will not only demarcate the space but also ensure your privacy.

  • A bamboo hedge
  • A trellis with a vining plant
  • Wooden shutters
  • Suspended curtains
  • Shade sails
  • Hedge and bush walls
  • Woven willow enclosures
  • Stone walls
  • Decorative metal panels

What furnishings should you select for your outdoor lounge area?

Your garden furniture will be the centerpiece of your exterior design. The style and the materials used in your furnishings will set the tone and personality of the setting you wish to create. That’s why it’s important to choose them with care.

Here again, the first step is to determine your needs. Are you dreaming of a cozy space where you can relax? The creation of a relaxation area usually involves a sofa as a central component. The enveloping comfort of a low sofa or corner group should be a priority. To keep it versatile, you can ally comfort and practicality with the addition of attractive cushions designed with improved ergonomics, especially if you plan to serve food or cocktails there.

If there’s limited space, you should opt for multifunctional garden furniture. Practical and unobtrusive, it offers the advantage of permitting varied activities, whether a snack break, reading time or work from home. A round table with folding chairs is a classic example.

table extérieure extensible en boisWhen it comes to larger spaces, the possibilities are virtually infinite! If you anticipate entertaining a great number of guests, you could opt for a beautiful extendable outdoor table with comfortable chairs, where you can enjoy a meal or a good cup of coffee.

What materials should you choose for your garden furniture?

In this regard, you have a wealth of options. It all depends on your tastes, your budget and the style you envision for your outdoor lounge area.

High-quality wooden furnishings will help create a warm, natural ambience. Versatile and timeless, wood can harmonize with any style and any type of décor. Do you prefer a look that’s sleek and chic? You could opt for a cast aluminum or extruded aluminum table and chairs. Besides being affordable, aluminum lasts a long time and is wonderfully rust-resistant.

For those who love a more bohemian country style, rattan garden furniture is an excellent choice. Synthetic rattan furniture is very popular not only because of its warm, modern look but also because of its solid construction.

You’ll also find outdoor furnishings in such materials as resin, polymer and wrought iron.

Enjoying the sun while keeping cool

To avoid getting sunburnt when the sun is beating down at full force, you should consider creating a few shady spots. There are numerous options when it comes to delimiting shaded areas. Shade sails are one example. They’re available in a variety of shapes, colors and materials, and depending on the type you choose, they can protect you from the sun, the wind and even the rain.

If you opt for a parasol, you’ll be able to move it easily anytime you want. You can integrate it in your table or place it further away, if necessary.

Turn to specialists in outdoor furnishings

Are you looking for expert advice so you can create a little slice of heaven in your own back yard? JML Inc. offers you a vast selection of garden and patio furniture for your outdoor lounge area. You’ll have access to wide range of superior-quality products, including garden furniture in a variety of materials and styles, awnings, sunshades, parasols and much more. Contact us for further information!

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