Between light and darkness

Custom awnings, sun shelters and outdoor curtains

Multiple options are available so you can enjoy your patios sunshine, but also have a nice shaded area. Umbrellas are integrated with most outdoor furnishing products, however gazebos are among the most popular ways to add shade to your space. Adding rail curtains provides comfort, as well a pleasing esthetic touch.

Sun shelters that are made in Canada

A product that’s proven its worth over the last 15 years

JML inc.has been making superior quality gazebos for over 15 years. Practical and economical, our sun shelters are easy to install, with an aluminum structure that doesn’t require any maintenance. You can add curtains and/or screens.

Choose the size that best suits your needs, then select among 9 colors in solids or stripes. The canvas is guaranteed for 5 years, but the lifespan is over 10. JML also has replacement canvases and assembly parts at our Montreal location.

Custom awnings and curtains

The final touch for your residential or commercial patio.

Custom awnings and curtains allow you to create some soothing shade, and protect yourselves from the elements, whenever needed. They also add a unique touch to your overall decor. Whether you have residential or commercial needs, the possibilities abound. For example, a retractable awning is an excellent way to maximize useable space on an outdoor patio, regardless of the weather. This can be economically important for many businesses but also pleasing for home use. It’s possible to make custom curtains in different fabrics. They’re an ideal solution for condo and residence balconies, sun shelters and gazebos!

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