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6-seater patio sets: Must-see options

Believe it or not, summer is coming, and with it comes the urge to spruce up your patio set. While some elements are far from disappearing from 2023 trends, others are appearing, and are likely to take you off the beaten track!

Materials, designs, colors: what are the timeless classics, the durable and versatile styles, the nuances, in short, we present to you all the options of 6-seater patio sets that will be able to dress your garden with style and good taste.

Ensemble de patio 6 places - Collection Amalfi de Kingsley Bate

Amalfi Collection from Kingsley Bate – The lightly tinted wood look remains a must. On a 6-seater rectangle-shaped outdoor table, it will be highlighted in its purest expression and will give way to subtle touches of color on the chair cushions, for example.

Patio set: between expected sobriety and reinvented charm

First of all, why bet on 6-seater sets?

More than a number that can fit most families, it’s all about keeping the intimate and relaxing vibe that’s increasingly popular outside of our homes. Large tables are always welcome, as are meals in smaller groups. Nevertheless, by opting for a patio set with 6 chairs, we opt for an in-between that will combine the pleasure of being together and the desire for a distinguished garden, but not overloaded.

Choose the materials for your patio set

In order to have a distinguished but refined look, certain elements have already proven themselves. Thus, on the podium of materials for exterior furniture, wood continues to occupy the first place. More generally, the natural trend – very widely used under the term “Scandinavian” – is still as attractive as ever. We praise its minimalist style which will enhance your exterior by integrating it with discretion. In addition to wood, there is also rattan, teak, woven resin…

You might think that these sober materials do not combine well with your perhaps more modern vision. Fortunately, the designs follow the trends brilliantly, since they will offer simple, straight lines, rectangle-shaped tables – certainly common, but always practical and graceful – in other words, proven tricks that have the advantage of to be durable and to be able to adapt to all your desires for later decoration.

Ensemble de patio 6 places Harmony de Jenson Outdoor

Harmony Set from Jenson Outdoor – The mix of styles here achieves an original and eclectic look, but still under control, as shown by this patio set with 6 chairs that incorporates different and complementary colors and materials.

Wood is not the only one that can provide the warm aspect essential to any outdoor ensemble. And for this, the wood/aluminum or wood/metal combination gives relief, without losing the harmonious and elegant side that makes many of us happy.

What about colors?

You guessed it, the nature and minimalism side comes with a palette of raw shades, very little worked, or colors that we could qualify as “traditional”, which can age beautifully. The worthy representatives of this trend are unquestionably neutral shades, such as beige, ocher, off-white, light gray, honey, which can be combined with many decors, even the most colorful, and which will naturally illuminate the space.

That said, if you think these colors are the chic choice par excellence, but you’re worried that a total look will be too visually imposing and especially suffer the pangs of a hectic meal, you’ll be happy to know that you can mix together, which will also enhance their refinement.

New summer = novelties, right? Are you curious to know what’s going on original this year? No doubt you might be pleasantly surprised by the bolder possibilities that are quietly hitting the market.

Nouvelle collection de chaise à dîner Telescope (Welles)

New Telescope (Welles) dining chair collection – The mix of neutral colors in this 6-seater patio set is perfect, since it highlights the attributes of each one, without losing character, like the white that supports the main gray shade without ever overshadowing it.

Curves and colors: new for the exterior!

Take a natural base, combine it with a metal backing, and fall in love with the vintage style that’s all the rage this year. The rattan/aluminum or even teak/aluminum duos are particularly popular. This return to past influences is not new, but really appreciated since it emphasizes often magnificent furniture, rich in history and character!

And who says vintage style, of course says curves. Even if we have seen that straight lines remain very popular in exterior decoration, curved lines are becoming more and more essential for tables and also for chairs, which are generally more comfortable with such a design. Why this success? Because they are the worthy representatives of the calm and friendly feeling that we want to bring to this space, especially since they remain versatile while being innovative.

To finalize these surprising trends, let’s finish with the color palette which tends to expand. Once again, we mentioned the stranglehold of neutral tones, but that was without taking into account the strong and beautiful return of deep and lively shades! In keys or more widely used, they are able to add an astonishing relief to your patio set, and make you travel in your own garden!

Among the winning colors, blue and terracotta hold their own. Sage green and magenta are also popular tones thanks to their energy and strength that you can appreciate in contrast on a metallic base or on fabrics, furniture and other complements.

Whatever your tastes, 2023 offers you a variety of patio sets and 6-seater outdoor tables available in styles, colors and atmospheres! Whether you are cautious or like to take risks, there is bound to be a perfect combination to let your ideas run wild without going over your budget.

To guide you in this decorative and financial journey, you can count on the specialists of JML inc.. In addition to presenting the largest selection of outdoor furniture in Quebec, they keep abreast of trends, and make sure to be able to adapt them. to your wishes. Their objective? Make you enjoy your new 6 seater patio set for many years to come!


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