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Outdoor Table: Our Top Picks

woodard outdoor table in glass and aluminum

The textured glass top is a great choice for a smooth, flowing aluminum base. To eat, have an aperitif or enjoy a cocktail, this arrangement will always be in good taste.

It’s never too late to rethink your outdoor table. Always more convivial, warm, solid, timeless: the market is full of models, each more attractive than the next.

Depending on your style and your budget, it is possible to bet on the material and the look that will make all the difference in your garden, and that will make you want to make the most of it.

To have access to the best choices for your outdoor table, take the time to consult our advice and our preferences!

For a contemporary and affordable garden table? Aluminum and resin

Aluminum is one of the classics for the garden table. Lightweight, easy to maintain, corrosion resistant, it comes at a good price, and comes in a multitude of styles that continue to delight us!

Usually, it is synonymous with modern design and robust lines, which make it possible to have tables that are both durable and stable. Some models also play on a certain finesse, especially in terms of arrangement of the feet, giving a surprising touch of aesthetics.

table extérieur Cabana Coast en bois et aluminium

Wood and aluminum have long been a safe bet for a resistant and elegant outdoor table. We particularly like the enhancement of the light and natural color of the wood, which is highlighted by the matte and deep aluminum of the legs.

For an elegant contrast, the combination of wood, metal and glass is a popular option to accompany aluminum in furniture outside. The famous glass top enhances the sleek side without losing refinement.

In short, for a comfortable, practical and characterful choice, aluminum ticks many boxes.

Resin outdoor table

Another very surprising material this time, resin. Perhaps you still associate it with cheap, easy-to-clean décor? Well, for the past few years, it has climbed the ladder of good taste to find itself on top of the trends, at a very friendly price! Without losing its already well-established qualities – durability, ease of maintenance, resistance – it is now offered in a variety of styles and quality, including marine grade resin.

Designed to withstand bad weather, the latter does not fade and displays increased resistance, so welcome for the outdoors! The resin outdoor furniture can also be offered in a version made from materials recycled. Enough to join the ecological gesture to the environmental word!

table extérieure ronde en résine

The classic layout of this marine-grade resin table offers versatility and timelessness that will charm you. Whatever your decor is, you can therefore enjoy a robust material, whose matte finish will highlight your stone terrace and gently bring out the light.

Of course, classic lines aren’t the only resin options! The other design well appreciated for its subtle rendering is the open line geometric pattern. What bring depth, a certain lightness and dynamism to a neutral base color.

Like aluminum, resin is able to imitate some more expensive materials, such as wood for example. Its synthetic robustness thus manages to rub shoulders with the natural side of the wood, to support the color without making it lose its luster.

Cost of an aluminum or resin outdoor table

Speaking of price, aluminum and resin are quite suitable for benefiting from well-made outdoor tables, without going beyond the limits of your budget. The former presents a look comparable to steel and wrought iron, even offering more distinguished options and more inspiring alloys, for a lower price. As for the resin, despite the marine grade quality can be a little more expensive, it remains an economical material, due to its manufacture from synthetic components which reduces production costs.

That said, if you want to indulge yourself on a bigger budget, what are the best slightly more luxurious choices?

tables extérieures en résine

Left: The open line pattern present on the marine grade resin does not alter its resistance. On the contrary, it gives it a fine beauty, which allows you to “break” a color, without going overboard.

Right: The open line pattern on rectangular outdoor tables is growing in popularity, and we can see why! It gives an impression of infinity and does not interfere with the arrangement of your dishes.

table extérieure en résine imitation bois

This rectangular outdoor table is made entirely of resin. Its caramel color is reminiscent of an exotic wood and gives a high-end rendering, far from the poor quality models formerly available on the market.

Refinement for outdoor tables? Teak and Ipé wood in the spotlight!

Wood: another timeless classic. We love its natural and warm look and its rich and varied colors, which transpose the conviviality of the kitchen outside! And we love for its refinement of course, which we no longer hesitate to combine with more sophisticated designs for modern, but still authentic results. And to do this, nothing like teak and Ipe wood.

These two exotic woods stand out for their elegance, of course, but also for their robustness, which is offered in a more organic version than that offered by aluminum or resin.

Let’s start with the teak furniture, made to be outdoors! It is indeed subject to the vagaries of the weather that it gains in presence since it acquires a patina over time, adopting a gray color over the years. He is a bit like hemlock to barriers! Its longevity only needs a coat of clear varnish to last, that’s what is called an easy luxury!

table extérieure en teck

The more sought-after design of this square teak outdoor table is used in a more modern version. We like that the lines have remained natural, thus highlighting a more original layout of the feet.

Teak never ceases to renew itself with its distressed teak version, which brings a vintage look to furniture. This is a teak treatment technique that aims to create a naturally aged look, as if it has been exposed to the elements and time. You therefore obtain the famous patina mentioned above more quickly. And for the warm side, we couldn’t find better!

Ipé wood also does well in terms of patina, since it is also capable of taking on a natural silver patina. And if you prefer to keep its original shade – which can range from dark brown to reddish brown – it is possible, subject to regular maintenance with a special oil.

Prestige and longevity are therefore the key words for these exotic wood garden tables which combine nature and comfort. And what price to expect for these outdoor tables? Teak and ipe are premium options and their premium price is an investment in durability and timeless appeal.

Choose a garden table in your image

Whether you are looking for the natural warmth of wood, the modernity of aluminum or the artistic freedom of resin, these exceptional materials promise you remarkable outdoor facilities that will stand the test of time. And as for the price, always keep in mind that it can vary depending on the quality of the material, where it comes from and the dimensions of the pieces used to make the tables.

Consulting specialist suppliers for precise information on the specific costs and advantages of each material is therefore more than welcome, especially if you call on experts like those at JML. Recognized for their wide selection of high-quality outdoor furniture, they are able to offer you impeccable service, from layout design to delivery, while respecting your budget.


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