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Outdoor sectionals: our top choices according to their use

More than ever, your yard has become a place for relaxation, a game area and a space for gathering with friends and family.

Functioning as a kitchen, dining room and family room, it will come to life with the addition of an outdoor sectional offering nearly limitless possibilities in terms of use and layout. Whether you have a vast yard in the suburbs or a tiny balcony in the city, a sectional promises comfort and style, ensuring that you’ll spend plenty of time outdoors.

Are you evaluating the variety of available options? This will definitely enable you to make the best possible choice, in keeping with your wishes and your budget.

Outdoor sectional furniture: the essentials

Before replacing your outdoor furniture or investing for the first time in an arrangement that’s both beautiful and practical, you should pinpoint the backyard activities you’re planning to engage in. While your budget and available space may guide you in making your initial selections, other criteria will come into play in narrowing down your choices. These include whether you’re single or married and whether you have children, as there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

Contrary to what you might think, your outdoor space is much more than simply a place to get some fresh air after a hard day’s work. Eating, hosting guests safely when permitted, working on your tan, reading, relaxing… You’re probably starting to get an idea of the many things you’d like to do in your backyard, right?

Naturally, tables and chairs are a good place to start, as they can satisfy a whole host of needs. And there’s certainly no shortage of models to choose from!

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To eat your meals outdoors when there’s limited room, you should opt for a table that can maximize the available space. Whether square or rectangular, it should correspond to the shape of your balcony so that you can sit, turn around if necessary and easily move it out of the way to make room for other activities, for example, setting up your planters. These shapes are also classic choices for larger yards; however, there’s nothing stopping you from opting for a round table, which favors sharing and hospitality, as everyone can see everyone else. And don’t forget about those time-honored favorites, coffee tables and low tables, so you can relax and have a drink.

While the chairs you use when eating should be straight-backed, the ones you use for relaxing can be stuffed with foam, offering a comfortable place to lounge, whether for a few minutes or a few hours! Sectional sofa sets are also perfect when you want a space that’s conducive to conversation. Since they’re versatile and adjustable, you can arrange them any way you want, according to the number of people. You can even add corner armchairs or an ottoman to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Lounge chairs are undoubtedly among the essential pieces. Whether you’re planning to take a nap, get some color or relax as you supervise the kids while they’re playing in the pool, you’ll quickly realize that you can hardly do without one! And unlike a dining chair, a lounge chair is suitable for seating more than one person at a time. The idea is to vary the arrangement and propose different uses. It would be very strange, indeed, if everyone suddenly wanted to lounge at the same time!

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When it comes to outdoor accessories, the term is something of a misnomer because, far from being simple accessories, they’re the very elements that lend charm to your furnishings. Cushions for comfort, parasols for the sun and outdoor rugs for delineating the space, each item offers the perfect combination of form and function!

During the summer months, the soaring temperatures rarely inspire the need for an outdoor fire. But why not prolong the beautiful season into the cool autumn evenings with a fire pit table? It offers a warm, intimate ambience, and provides a perfect setting in which to create wonderful memories. Another significant advantage is that you can easily move it just about anywhere.

Other criteria for choosing outdoor sectional sets

Our preferred outdoor activities aren’t the only thing that will guide us in our choice of furnishings.

Layouts: you may be tempted to buy everything, but instead, think about opting for solutions that will add a touch of elegance, while providing a convenient place to put a potted plant or to set down your book or your drink. The goal should be to create a stylish atmosphere while optimizing space, especially in the case of a balcony.

Storage space: along these same lines, a chest or ottoman, for example, are perfect decorating options that also offer convenient places to store your table linens, blankets, game accessories, dishes and more.

Materials: while this is certainly a matter of taste, it’s also a question of making a wise long-term investment. Aluminum and wood both offer a good compromise between style and durability, unlike wrought iron, a classic choice that, nevertheless, is subject to rusting if you fail to maintain it properly. Plastic and PVC are recommended alternatives for limited budgets; however, they won’t last as long as more expensive materials.

ensemble sectionnel extérieur en rotin synthétique

The final option, rattan, isn’t for everyone. It’s a distinctive material that ages fairly well and one that offers the additional advantages of being unique, weather-resistant and virtually maintenance-free. If you’re up for adding some character to your outdoor spaces, take a moment to consider synthetic rattan!

Comfort: quality is definitely an important consideration. You wouldn’t want your sectional sets to become damaged by the sun or rain during their first summer. Nevertheless, comfort should remain one of your core priorities. After all, regardless of your preferred activity, you’re primary objective is to relish the good times. So don’t hesitate to try out the furniture before you buy it. The more time you spend testing it out in the store, the more time you’ll spend enjoying it in your yard.

In Quebec, we like to take full advantage of the nice weather while it lasts. That’s why the possibilities for outdoor arrangements are so important. The specialists at JML are here to ensure that the outdoor sectional set you select translates into pleasure. For more than 25 years, they’ve been helping clientele make exterior design choices that are ultimate sources of well-being. Thanks to their 25 years of experience, you can rest assured that they’re experts in their field!

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