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High-quality exotic wood outdoor furniture

Exotic wood outdoor furniture offers a timeless, warm, elegant appearance and can feature a classic or contemporary design, enabling it to harmonize perfectly with any type of décor.

JML offers you a vast range of outdoor furniture made from premium exotic woods like teak and Ipe. These two high-quality species of wood are similar in terms of durability but different in terms of grain, density and color.

Teak is the most popular wood for use in patio furniture. It’s a hardwood with a fine, tight grain and a golden-brown hue. Ipe is a very hard wood featuring a dense grain with practically no visible veins. It comes in hues ranging from brown and amber to green.

Furnish your deck or patio with a teak or Ipe table for memorable outdoor moments!

At JML, we offer collections of high-quality teak and Ipe outdoor furniture, including chairs, dining tables, patio sets, dining sets, low tables, lounge chairs and more, from two major manufacturers, Kingsley Bate and Jensen Leisure.

For added comfort, we recommend using cushions on your exotic wood chairs.

The advantages of exotic wood outdoor furniture are numerous:

  • Because exotic woods are relatively heavy, this furniture is ideal for use in windy environments. There’s no risk of your chairs flying away in strong winds or storms.
  • Recognized for its extreme durability, it won’t dry out, crack, mold or deteriorate, despite the passing years and the aging of the wood.
  • It’s strong and durable enough to resist impacts, insects, UV radiation, heat, cold, heavy storms, water, humidity, rot, mold and mildew. It also won’t rust when in contact with metal.
  • It cleans up easily with soap and water. Don’t forget to wipe your furniture dry to avoid standing water on the surface.

To preserve its original appearance and prevent the wood from taking on a greyish tint over time (a natural reaction to pollution and UV radiation), at least once a year, you must maintain it and protect it by applying oil or another product specially designed for use on exotic woods.

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