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Outdoor lounge set: New in 2024

Want to change or refresh your outdoor lounge? This is the right time ! Materials, colors, arrangements: spring serves the inspirations of our designers to set the tone towards ever warmer and trendier furniture.

Whether to enjoy your garden in relaxation mode or to convert it into a friendly space for your family and friends, everything is possible! And you will definitely fall in love with our selection.

To combine ambiance, comfort and durability in your next outdoor lounge, follow the guide!

Three styles of outdoor living room, three atmospheres

Variations around sure values, what more could you ask for to try a new decor without the risk of getting bored? Rattan, aluminum, teak and resin keep their coveted place at the top of the charts of fashionable exterior materials. The details that will make you stand out from the crowd are found in the mixes, color schemes and of course, the designs. And in terms of feelings, we maintain a desire to cocoon, to enjoy your outdoor living room and to feel good there in all circumstances.

Let’s start with the bohemian style which gives pride of place to rattan furniture, resin, but above all with braided or rope ornaments. Enough to bring volume and texture with finesse and originality. For colors, we favor versatile and contrasting shades, which can support patterns that are both strong and delicate.

salon extérieur Tate de Cabana Coast

Tate Collection by Cabana Coast. The rope inserts adorn the well-defined lines of the basic structure with grace and character. Supported by a white/black mix, the whole thing has a relaxing and modern atmosphere, suitable for any use.

salon extérieur - Collection Catherine de Kingsley Bate

Catherine Collection by Kingsley Bate. The purity of the total white look is an ode to the sun! In addition to livening up your decor, it allows you to add your touch of fantasy with patterned accessories. Besides, don’t hesitate to choose mismatched designs, so rich.


In touches or in totality, woven resin has no equal for launching the festivities of the summer season! The structures offered, both solid and light, make an impression thanks to their timeless charm and their proven resistance to the outdoors, whatever the vagaries of the weather.

Comfort also requires a more sober style with more defined and straight lines. The proof is with the steel and aluminum designs which guarantee you timeless furniture and a chic and minimalist tone.

To emphasize these designs, whether fine or more accentuated, we favor classic colors. Beige, gray, black, white: the most important thing is to look for measured contrasts that will stand the test of time.

salon extérieur Collection Muse de Cabana Coast

Cabana Coast Muse Collection. We like the very present structure of this imposing model! Its modernity and timelessness are enhanced by the contrast of the dark base with the light cushions. Again, be inventive with touches of pattern here and there on your accessories.

Finally, how about a style that combines the warmth of the first and the elegance of the second? We want to talk about wood of course! exotic woods such as teak and ipe represent the outdoor material par excellence for outdoor furniture, which will resist all bad weather… and all trends! No matter your basic layout, it will complete it beautifully. For the colors of your accessories, think again about natural and light shades like beige, ecru or white. You will be sure not to make a mistake.

mobilier en bois Treillis de Jensen

Trellis Collection by Jensen. With a total minimalist look or a few decorative elements, wood is sufficient in itself to dress up a terrace, a garden or outdoor tiling.

As we have seen, these styles can come with colors and patterns. And if the palette presented so far was relatively neutral and all-purpose, nothing is stopping you from looking for more vibrant shades!

Star colors and layouts for your outdoor living room

Yes to cleverly measured touches of color! And in this trend, you can opt for bright shades, which have been found for several years in the tops (blue, yellow, red). Or, try something new with more seventies inspirations (orange, purple, pink, green). On the structure or on your cushions, you can enjoy and share these joyful colors with a strong identity!

salon extérieur Collection Catherine de Kingsley Bate

Catherine Collection by Kingsley Bate. The color here is provided by the woven resin. A great way to combine two inspirations from the 2024 trend, with taste and refinement.

salon extérieur Collection Sky de Jensen

Sky Collection by Jensen. What a harmonious combination of wood and blue in a monochrome look! An arrangement that leaves room for accessories and plants for a decor that is always very natural, refined, but with character.

salon extérieur Collection Welles de Telescope

Welles Collection by Telescope. Blue is once again highlighted in this all-wood design, enhanced with touches of contrasting colors at the furniture legs. Nice find!

To finish this list of inspirations, let’s finish with the possible arrangements. The outdoor living room must remain modular to be able to adapt according to your desires and your unforeseen events. And that’s good, because there’s no shortage of choice! Benches, 2, 3 or 5-seater sofas, armchairs only, ottomans, coffee tables, benches… Relaxation has no limits!

The largest selection of outdoor living room furniture in Quebec!

The specialists at JML inc. are surpassing themselves again this year to offer you a vast selection of outdoor furniture that meets 2024 trends and your possibilities. Whatever the latter, you will be assured of benefiting from sound advice to arrange your garden according to your desires. Give yourself the right to imagine the perfect outdoor living room for you; JML takes care of the rest!


Header photo: Collection Scottsdale by Ratana.

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